About Me

I love to write. I’m an audience manager at heart, with a knack for explaining how hard stuff works. I’ve worked in tech support, IT, and print and web editorial to learn my craft, focusing content on targetedaudiences in thriving consumer and B2B markets.

I’m a career Apple user, since I got my first Mac in 1985. So this site is often a showcase for me to opine about the biggest tech company in the world. Write what you know, as they say.

I’ve written for iMore, Macworld, MacFormat, The Loop, Tom’s Guide, ZDNet and many others.

I occasionally embed affiliate links to shopping sites that offer the products or services I’ll mention here. But I accept no advertising money for this site – I operate it primarily as a showcase for my writing, and because I like to post helpful stuff.

If you find these pages helpful, please connect with me on social media. Here’s my LinkedIn profile. I maintain a regular Twitter presence. Post your comments to the threads here and I’ll respond as I can.

You can also email me if you have any questions, want to hire me or are interested in having me on your podcast.

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