Month: December 2015

  • The iMac: A history of Apple’s whimsical design

    Apple’s product design is elegant and sophisticated, but austere. Whether you’re holding a MacBook or an iPhone or an iMac, the best word to describe all of them is “thin.” And Apple seems intent on making them thinner each year. The iMac, especially, has become a thing of hardened, severe beauty. I love the design, […]

  • Should I upgrade my MacBook to El Capitan?

    RR writes: I have a 2009 Mac Book.  Will I get left behind if I don’t upgrade to El Capitan before the next upgrade comes out? All works well now. Yeah, you’re going to be left behind. But you’re working with a six year old Mac – you should probably expect to be left behind.  A […]

  • Ten things to do with a new Mac

    If you’ve never owned a Mac before, you’ve probably heard a lot about how much easier they are to use than PCs. But that doesn’t mean that everything is going to come naturally. In my latest piece for Macworld, I break down ten of the things new Mac owners should start to do as soon […]

  • Why Apple hasn’t refreshed the Thunderbolt Display

    Apple’s 27-inch Thunderbolt Display is its only external monitor. It’s compatible with all Macs, but it’s increasingly long in the tooth, and it’s due for a refresh. It’s been due for a while, and it’s creating frustration for some Mac owners. The Thunderbolt Display offers up a finely-calibrated 27-inch IPS screen mated to a single cable […]

  • Upgrading iMac RAM

    Reader BW is planning to upgrade the RAM in his 2013 27-inch iMac and asks: “Can I use an uneven number of RAM slots or should I just buy 2 4GB RAM boards?” Outside of a few early Mac Pro models, no Mac requires you to upgrade RAM in pairs. Each of the four SO-DIMM […]

  • How to keep Facebook from wasting your iPhone battery

    The Facebook app is a notorious battery hog, but that doesn’t stop millions of us from using it constantly to stay in touch with our social network. I’ve given up on it for the most part. Instead, I use Facebook through Safari on the iPhone. Facebook looks and acts differently in a web browser than […]

  • Microsoft is not the enemy. They never have been

    There’s this common fallacy that if you’re a Mac user — at least if you’re one of those Mac users — then it follows that you must hate Microsoft. I remember a time when that was more accurate — in the 1990s, when Microsoft had plainly beaten Apple for dominance in enterprise, and Apple was on […]

  • iPad and Mac Convergence isn’t the Answer, it’s about Seamless Workflow

    I recently wrote an editorial for The Mac Observer after Tim Cook reacted to the suggestion that Apple would be heading iOS and OS X towards a singular user experience. I argue that making workflow seamless is Apple’s end game here, not duplicating the iOS experience on the Mac. iPad and Mac Convergence isn’t the Answer, […]