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  • How to use Night Shift on the Mac

    Apple on Monday released macOS 10.12.4, the latest version of its Sierra operating system. Among the new features is Night Shift, the same screen-dimming technology that Apple has had in iOS for a while. They’ve buried the feature, though, so it can be a bit tough to find. Here’s how, and what it does. Night […]

  • The new MacBook Pro isn’t for you. Shut up already.

    There are a lot of perfectly cogent, reasonable criticisms of Apple’s MacBook Pro announcement last week. This is not one of them.

  • macOS 10.12 Sierra Upgrade Guide

    Apple’s newest Mac operating system adds Siri, Apple Pay, Apple Watch unlock and Storage Optimization. Can your Mac run Sierra, and what’s involved? Find out in this handy guide.

  • How to remove Flash on the Mac

    Word has emerged about a “ransomware” exploit involving Adobe Flash. Adobe has responded with an update. The ransomware exploit is, for now, limited to users of Windows, but the update has been made to all supported platforms, so it’s an update to essential Flash code, not just something Windows-ish. This illustrates that you need to […]

  • 2013 Mac Pro with video issues? Call Apple

    If you’re using a “trashcan” Mac Pro — one of the new turbine-shaped models released since December 2013 — you should be aware of a new “Repair Extension Program.” MacRumors has the scoop. Graphics cards in some of the Mac Pros made between February and April 2015 have exhibited problems with distorted video, no video, […]

  • An SSD can make your old Mac feel new again

    If you have an older Mac that still uses a hard disk drive and you’re looking to keep it alive for a while longer, I strongly recommend considering replacing that drive with a Solid State Drive (SSD) instead. It’s one of the best instant performance improvements you can make to your Mac, and it’ll keep […]

  • MacBook branding is messy

    Apple’s branding of the MacBook is a hot mess, and I hope they clean it up. Let me explain. For the last several years, Apple has bifurcated its laptop sales into two brands: The MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro with Retina Display. It differentiated them by offering the MacBook Air as being less expensive, […]

  • Why Apple hasn’t refreshed the Thunderbolt Display

    Apple’s 27-inch Thunderbolt Display is its only external monitor. It’s compatible with all Macs, but it’s increasingly long in the tooth, and it’s due for a refresh. It’s been due for a while, and it’s creating frustration for some Mac owners. The Thunderbolt Display offers up a finely-calibrated 27-inch IPS screen mated to a single cable […]

  • Upgrading iMac RAM

    Reader BW is planning to upgrade the RAM in his 2013 27-inch iMac and asks: “Can I use an uneven number of RAM slots or should I just buy 2 4GB RAM boards?” Outside of a few early Mac Pro models, no Mac requires you to upgrade RAM in pairs. Each of the four SO-DIMM […]

  • Microsoft is not the enemy. They never have been

    There’s this common fallacy that if you’re a Mac user — at least if you’re one of those Mac users — then it follows that you must hate Microsoft. I remember a time when that was more accurate — in the 1990s, when Microsoft had plainly beaten Apple for dominance in enterprise, and Apple was on […]