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  • iPad and Mac Convergence isn’t the Answer, it’s about Seamless Workflow

    I recently wrote an editorial for The Mac Observer after Tim Cook reacted to the suggestion that Apple would be heading iOS and OS X towards a singular user experience. I argue that making workflow seamless is Apple’s end game here, not duplicating the iOS experience on the Mac. iPad and Mac Convergence isn’t the Answer, […]

  • Looking for your Apple device manuals? Check iBooks!

    “I like the iPhone, but I wish it had a manual I could read.” Years ago, Apple streamlined its product packaging to only include the bare essentials, and the company decided at that point that those bare essentials didn’t include a user’s manual. After all, Apple products are easy enough to use straight out of […]

  • Apple adds Boston transit maps

    iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 El Capitan debuted with transit maps for a variety of North American cities, but Boston was left off the list. It didn’t take Apple too long to fix that, though. The company has updated its maps data with transit information for Boston commuters. If you plan to use the MBTA […]

  • Office 2016 problems? Go get 10.11.1

    If you’ve had trouble with Microsoft Office 2016 since migrating to El Capitan, make sure to download the new 10.11.1 update, available today. Also fixes some issues related to Mail and more.