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  • Apple’s Ambitious Plans for Apple Arcade

    Apple plans with Apple Arcade are technically, creatively, and logistically ambitious. Can Apple pull it off?

  • T-Mobile iPhone not working after iOS 10 update? Fix Carrier Settings

    iPhone 6, 6 Plus and SE users on T-Mobile have run into cell service problems following the iOS 10 update. A botched Carrier Update setting is to blame. Here’s how to fix it.

  • Pokémon GO afflicted with throw accuracy bug, developer promises fix

    I’ve been frustrated because I’ve been wasting so many Pokéballs on monsters I knew I should have caught on the first throw. You too? That’s because Niantic broke it. They confirmed it in a Tweet on Thursday, and promise a fix: Trainers, a new bug affecting throw accuracy increases the odds of escape and omits […]

  • How to play Pokémon GO without annoying everyone: Shut off the camera

    I love Pokémon GO but the novelty of actually having to find my Pokémon by looking through my smartphone’s camera wears thin quickly. There are only so many times I stop, lift my smartphone and “look around” to find my Pokémon before it feels intrusive and, quite frankly, a bit rude to the people around […]

  • iOS and vestibular disorders

    Apple makes its operating systems accessible to people with a wide variety of physical limitations, but its tendency to rely on visual trickery like faux 3D effects has caused problems for users with vestibular processing problems. Technology journalist Craig Grannell has been talking about this for a while, most recently in a new blog post. Grannell […]

  • How to keep Facebook from wasting your iPhone battery

    The Facebook app is a notorious battery hog, but that doesn’t stop millions of us from using it constantly to stay in touch with our social network. I’ve given up on it for the most part. Instead, I use Facebook through Safari on the iPhone. Facebook looks and acts differently in a web browser than […]

  • Looking for your Apple device manuals? Check iBooks!

    “I like the iPhone, but I wish it had a manual I could read.” Years ago, Apple streamlined its product packaging to only include the bare essentials, and the company decided at that point that those bare essentials didn’t include a user’s manual. After all, Apple products are easy enough to use straight out of […]

  • The crescent moon on the front of the iPhone 6

    The iPhone 6 — not the 6s, just the 6 — is plagued with a manufacturing or design problem with its front-facing (or in Apple’s confusing parlance, “FaceTime” camera). Over time the camera itself will shift position inside the phone. It causes a distinct crescent moon effect: I stopped in the Apple Store “near” me last […]

  • Apple adds Boston transit maps

    iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 El Capitan debuted with transit maps for a variety of North American cities, but Boston was left off the list. It didn’t take Apple too long to fix that, though. The company has updated its maps data with transit information for Boston commuters. If you plan to use the MBTA […]

  • The iPad Pro’s new Smart Connector

    Almost since the iPad debuted, people have been trying to use keyboards with it. Third-party keyboard case makers have been only too happy to oblige. Over the years, there’s been a landslide of cases and other contraptions designed to make it easier to do keyboard input on the iPad. With a few exceptions, almost all […]