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  • MacVoices: Talking Macs and iPad Pro

    MacVoices: Talking Macs and iPad Pro

    Chuck Joiner recently invited me to talk about Apple’s newly introduced Mac mini and MacBook Air, and the refreshed iPad Pro. Given the current circumstances in the world, is now the right time for these products to come out? I suggest it is, and I give my reasons. Here’s Part 1. I’ll link to Part […]

  • iPad Pro gets the screen treatment some Mac pros want

    On Monday Apple introduced a new version of the iPad Pro, smaller than before but equipped with the same technology as its big sibling: Smart Connector to attach an external keyboard, A9 processor inside, Apple Pencil support. One comment from Apple VP Phil Schiller caught my ear, though – he explained that the smaller iPad […]

  • The iPad Pro’s new Smart Connector

    Almost since the iPad debuted, people have been trying to use keyboards with it. Third-party keyboard case makers have been only too happy to oblige. Over the years, there‚Äôs been a landslide of cases and other contraptions designed to make it easier to do keyboard input on the iPad. With a few exceptions, almost all […]