The new MacBook Pro isn’t for you. Shut up already.

There are a lot of perfectly cogent, reasonable criticisms of Apple’s MacBook Pro announcement last week. This is not one of them.


Few are more well-thought out than Chuq Von Rospach’s “How Apple Could Have Avoided Much of the Controversy.” I won’t recap it here, but I encourage you to check it out if you’d haven’t already.

I haven’t had a chance to play with the new systems yet. They weren’t available for demo at the Apple Store when I dropped by yesterday to get my phone fixed and I don’t have one on order, as my “daily drivers” consist of recent-model MacBook Air and Retina MacBook Pro models, so I likely won’t be getting a new Mac for some time.

Instead, I’d like to direct my comments to the self-appointed arbiters of the Apple zeitgeist. You know the ones: With each successive release of software and hardware from Apple, the ones who have increasingly become more shrill and strident about their displeasure with the company and their intention to leave the platform: Shut up.

Buy something else, if you’re going to. But you know as well as I do that you probably won’t. Because you’ve invested years developing and mastering a workflow. And you’re not about to go and recreate that on another platform simply because this particular hardware doesn’t meet your needs, you special freakin’ snowflake.

And hey, if you are, if this is your line in the sand, good on you. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

The rest of us have real work to do.

4 thoughts on “The new MacBook Pro isn’t for you. Shut up already.

  1. Well said! Like you, I have a fairly recent rMBP so I won’t be upgrading. I know USB-C is the future but right now there is no reason for me to spend the money to upgrade all my monitors, docks, etc. I will say that the new machines are gorgeous and when the time comes, I will be going that direction. I just don’t know what the hell people are expecting power wise other than getting 32 GB of RAM. But, I’d say if you need that much RAM, you don’t need a laptop. Now, I’ll shut up!

  2. With all the pointless whining about USB-C ports that support the old tech with a cheap cable (no adapter required) people seem to have missed that the Surface Studio they are gushing over has no high speed connection.

    Yep, check the specs, the sucker has nothing faster than USB 3.0 and they are aiming it at pro users. Call me crazy but a “pro” computer with IO half the speed of what’s on my 4 year old iMac doesn’t seem to have a pros expansion needs in mind.

    Never has the tech media needed a AMB style thrashing more than it does these days. The stupid has gotten completely out of hand.

  3. As you mentioned, they can’t leave the platform because of their investment into it and the workflow. So therefore the only thing that could help is complaining to get a better product. This article is just wasted time.

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