Atari Vault promises old-school gaming thrills

Atari Vault is the latest attempt to cash in on retro nostalgia for old-school video games. If you’re a gamer in your 40s as I am or if you just love the old coinop experience, you may be interested in this new package coming to Steam this spring.

Atari Vault isn’t unique – Atari and other publishers have used emulation technology for years to resurrect classic titles. What makes Vault a bit different is its obsessive detail with cabinet art and other details to help create an immersive experience.

There’s a gallery with tidbits “from our own archives,” as Labunka puts it, with original box art for Atari 2600 versions of the games, instruction manuals, promo materials, and the like. Anything and everything to offer a full picture of what these games looked, felt, and sounded like in their original contexts.

And yes, old school gamers, Atari Vault is planned for the Mac.

Vault tempest 1024x640

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