Month: April 2016

  • New MacBook gets rose gold finish and faster internals, but is it fast enough?

    Apple on Tuesday unveiled an updated MacBook – its “next generation” laptop which first saw the light of day in 2015. Is the new Mac right for you? First, a quick refresher on the MacBook: Apple’s newest laptop design debuted a year ago. The MacBook is a very different creature than its Air and Pro […]

  • How to get rid of QuickTime for Windows

    If you’re running QuickTime on Windows – software from Apple bundled with some of its installers – now is a good time to get rid of it. Turns out it’s a security risk to your PC, and Apple has no plans to patch it – it’s deprecated software, no longer actively supported. Here’s how to […]

  • Mac app notifications driving you crazy? Fix it with this tip

    When you install a new Mac app, you find it “chattier” than you’d prefer. Maybe it’s popping up notifications on your screen or polluting your Mac’s notification center with lots of messages. Maybe the red badge on the app icon in your Dock is making your OCD twitch. Or maybe it’s making noise, as I […]

  • How to save your frayed Mac laptop power supply

    Apple’s penchant for minimalist design has some practical downsides. One of those downsides is that sometimes the kit can be a bit more delicate than it probably should be, and I can’t think of a single place this is more true than when it comes to Apple laptop power connectors. Apple’s redesigned the power connectors […]

  • Smile “adjusts” TextExpander plans

    Smile Software introduced a new version of its popular keyboard shortcut utility for Mac and iOS (and now for Windows), TextExpander. Sweeping changes to the way the app works and its payment model – switching from a perpetual license to a subscription program – caused significant user backlash. So Smile on Tuesday announced “adjustments” to TextExpander […]

  • The Apple Watch is a dud? Some dud

    Re/code posted the results of an Apple Watch survey earlier this week that garnered some chatter on the Mac social web – the attention-grabbing headline concluded that the Apple Watch was perceived as a dud, though the article and the research it was based on show a much different perspective from, y’know, actual Apple Watch […]

  • Looking for a good deal on a Mac? Go with an Apple refurb

    People love Macs, but sometimes don’t love the price tags that come with them. We can debate the price of the Mac compared with a PC, compare total cost of ownership, the value of the software Apple bundles with the computer and more to judge whether that price is fair, but the bottom line is […]

  • How to remove Flash on the Mac

    Word has emerged about a “ransomware” exploit involving Adobe Flash. Adobe has responded with an update. The ransomware exploit is, for now, limited to users of Windows, but the update has been made to all supported platforms, so it’s an update to essential Flash code, not just something Windows-ish. This illustrates that you need to […]

  • Pangea’s sale is the end of an era

    For almost as long as there’s been a Mac, Pangea Software has been making games and other software for Apple devices. Today Brian Greenstone, Pangea’s founder, announced in an email that he’s retiring from game development and plans to sell the business. It’s the end of an era, especially for old-school Mac gamers like me. […]