Save money on a MacBook with this one weird trick!

OK, I admit that the the title of this blog post is linkbait, but I’ll deliver: There’s a way to save money on the tiny MacBook, and the secret is right on Apple’s web site.


I’m talking about the Refurbished section of Apple’s online store. Apple repackages and resells gear to the general public, offering a full 12-month warranty and eligibility for AppleCare, Apple’s extended warranty program (which I unabashedly endorse for portable devices, anyway).

Apple has recently refreshed the MacBook, its thinnest, lightest Mac laptop. The new laptop comes equipped with a faster processor, faster graphics, faster memory and faster storage, and comes in a new color – Rose Gold. It’s a handsome device that’s better than ever, and while the MacBook has some inherent drawbacks (like its single USB-C connector for power and expansion), it’s an utterly delightful little laptop that’s a lot more capable than most other computers in its size and weight class.

When Apple introduced the new MacBook, they also refreshed the inventory of gear they’re selling refurbished, and the first-generation MacBook is now on the list. You’ll get a 15 percent break on the price. As I write this, you can pick up a first-generation (2015) MacBook for $929. That gets you a 1.1 GHz processor, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD. That price is $170 less than the regular retail price of $1,299. All three colors are available, too: Space Gray, Gold and Silver. (Rose Gold, the newest hue, is only available on the brand new MacBook.)

I’ve bought refurbed gear a few times from Apple and I’ve never been disappointed. The stuff comes as good as new. The big difference is that Apple repackages it in a plain white box instead of the usual colorful livery, but otherwise once you get it out of the package, you wouldn’t know that it’s not brand new.

If you want to pay more, Apple has other options, including models with 1.3 GHz processors and 512 GB storage.

While you’re there, take a look at the other great deals Apple offers on Macs and iOS devices. You might find a deal you just can’t say no to.

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