WatchOS 2.2 improves maps, more

Apple on Monday released an update to the operating system that powers its smartwatch, the Apple Watch. WatchOS 2.2 is now available for download (use your iPhone to check for the latest version, and update when your Apple Watch is on its magnetic charging stand).

Among the changes to version 2.2 is an improved Maps app. The Maps app adds a new interface layer that makes it a one-tap process to get directions to home or to work. You can also easilly search for locations, find your location, or spot nearby attractions with just a tap. Here are a couple of screenshots showing the new capabilities.


I’ve found the Maps app to be useful, but slow. It’ll be interesting to see if performance is an area that Apple’s improved at all. Still, it’s great to get turn-by-turn directions on the watch, because it taps your wrist when it’s time to turn, saving you from having to look at a screen and distract yourself.