I need an Calendar app that nags me more effectively. Any ideas?

I have a problem I’m hoping you might be able to help me with: I constantly overlook reminders that I’ve set on my devices.

As a baratric patient, I have an entire calendar dedicated, for example, to keeping me on track with the medicine and dietary supplements I’m supposed to take in order to maintain my health. Optimally it should be done on a fairly strict routine, so I’ve got it mapped out – take my multivitamins at this time, take my iron supplement at this time, then take my calcium supplements, etc.

It’s great, My watch buzzes me to remind me. Here’s the problem: I often glance down at the reminder, then go back to doing what I was doing. “I’ll get up in a minute,” I’ll say to myself. Then I won’t.

I’m wondering if anyone’s come across an app for the iPhone – preferably something with an Apple Watch app too – that might be a bit more of a noodge. Something that will nag me into actually getting up to take my pills.

Look, I own my behavior: I really need to start getting up as soon as the watch and the phone tell me to. But I could use a poke in the right direction that I’m not getting from my current setup. If this has happened to you, how have you dealt with it?

2 thoughts on “I need an Calendar app that nags me more effectively. Any ideas?

  1. Well, if Twitter respondents are any indication, a lot of you are using and love Due, so I’ve downloaded it and am giving it a try.

  2. I don’t think the reminder apps are so deeply researched and developed in details. Did you think about creating your own app?

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