Should I use an external drive for backup?

With cloud services like Backblaze, iCloud Drive and Dropbox readily available, is it worth it to continue to use an external hard drive for backup? This is a question I tackle in a recent piece at Backblaze.

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Really, there’s no mystery here: A combination of onsite and offsite (cloud) backup provides you with the best possible coverage. So I take a look at something we call our 3-2-1 Backup strategy and how that applies here. The 3-2-1 plan encourages you to consider having two onsite copies of your data and one offsite copy. The two onsite copies include your original and a backup, such as a Time Machine archive, and then one offsite copy can be your Backblaze backup, or backup via another cloud service, backup via iCloud or Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, or anywhere else you care to use.

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